Air bends like patterned paper,

into shapes of minimalist beauty,


It fears nothing, except the pressure 

of our gaze upon it’s creases,


I look away, but something pulls me,

nearer, dearer, to its epicenter.


DJ spin the tracks around me like
A hurricane
Rain the beat upon my mind.
Like Novocain, numb
For only a minute or three,
Until I can’t see the reality
Of the world that I’m living in,
Or hear the lies that they’re telling me
I think the walls are closing in on me
I hear ‘em say that “it’s just a fallacy,
Don’t list to those lies, those conspiracies”
Yet I hear a louder voice inside of me
Saying don’t fall for it,
Or buy into it,
It’s all counterfeit,
Empty promises,
But to a nation full of hypocrites
And false prophets
And those that only care to make a quick profit
It’s beneficial,
But their real motives are confidential.
And never will be seen by blind eyes,
Heard by deaf ears,
Or talked about by the mute,
As long man continues to obey
He’ll never know the Truth
Bohemien Savant, 5/22/13 (via bohemienne-savant)

Love is art,
Paint my heart
On a canvas
For the world to see.

Trace my imperfections
With lead pencil,
Charcoal my scars,
Pen my emotions,
Glass stain my rounded eyes,
Carve a base of stone and marble.

Love is art
Paint my heart
And frame it for the highest bidder.

Love is Art (BohemienSavant 7/24/13)
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